Updated Wednesday July 19, 2017 by Darcey Wilde.

We are thrilled with our coaching leadership for the 2017 Season - the following head coaches have been selected for each grade division:
1st/2nd Grade - Mtn Ridge - Josh Sube
1st/2nd Grade - Timberline - Sean Brown
3rd Grade - Mtn Ridge - Eric Child
3rd Grade - Timberline - TBA
4th Grade - Mtn Ridge - Wyatt Smith
4th Grade - Timberline - Brian Cropper
5th Grade A - Joel Templeton
6th Grade A - Bevan Wilde
7th Grade A - Chad Coleman
8th Grade A - Mtn Ridge - Ted Siri
8th Grade A - Timberline - Nate Hult
9th Grade A - Mtn Ridge - Gunnar Gunnarson
9th Grade A - Timberline - Bryce Higbee
B Team Coaches will be announced after tryouts. 
We are seeking one B Team Coach for the 5th Grade and two B Team Coaches for the 6th grade. If interested, please email Joel Templeton,